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“Needless to Say”


Mr. Rich Lowry:

Needless to say, no one at National Review shares Derb’s appalling view of what parents supposedly should tell their kids about blacks in this instantly notorious piece here.

Comments on that post closed for some technical reason that I can’t possibly fathom. Fortunately, the readership of the National Review is capable of expressing its opinion by commenting on the previous, unrelated post. Freely excerpting…


This comment is actually about “Derb’s Screed” by Rich Lowry. External Link All I’ll say is that yes, in 1968 or 1992 we had the demographic and economic cushion to indulge in some idealistic sanctimony about this issue. That time has passed.

More and more middle- and working-class Americans will come in contact with Derb’s truths on a daily basis, and they are going to speak out about it and not feel guilty or morally inferior for doing so…as the years pass it’s going to be pretty futile to shame them into shooshing up.


Derb’s Screed/Lowry’s Insult (to the readers) – I’ve never been much of a fan of Derbyshire and wondered why NRO retains him. Now I’ve become one. Lowry’s link meant I read the Screed at takimag.com that I otherwise would not have. Brilliant Mr Lowry. Offensive yes – but also a long overdue over-the-top rejoinder to the poisonous racial politics that Barack Obama has INFLAMED.

You Lowry have now associated the Derbyshire Screed with NRO by vociferously disassociating late on a Fri evening in the finest Watergate – strike that – Obamagate style. Not the other way around as far as I can tell. Can’t walk away from it now. I suppose you’ll fire him. Will the NYT, NYPost, & Orlando Sentinel ever disavow their recent articles? Right.

“Patrick J”

Derb could be 100% wrong about his talk with his kids and the necessity of giving it to them, but you’d still be wrong to disavow him on the grounds of cowardly political correctness. People used to be allowed to be wrong, and opposing opinions, even ones we disagreed with, used to be tolerated, even protected. What happened?

Of course after the way you treated Ann Coulter, and the eagerness you and your ilk have shown for disassociating yourselves from Pat Buchanan, this comes as no surprise. But it’s no less cowardly, and depressing, for all its predictability.
And before you judge Derb too sanctimoniously, maybe you should wait till you’re the parent of two mixed race Eurasian teens who may well face challenges that you can’t even imagine. Derb’s responsibilities are to his family, not to catering to your maidenly sensibilities.

And so I guess I’m less than convinced by the “needless to say” part of Rich’s post; are the editors of NRO that out-of-sync with their readership? Inquiring minds want to know!

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