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Kristol is Very Sad


Doesn’t this just make you feel bad for poor Bill Kristol?

Looking back at the day’s news, I must admit I’m having trouble maintaining my customary good cheer.

Watching Mitt Romney’s victory speech in Illinois didn’t reassure me about his chances against President Obama. (Watch it yourself to see if I’m being unfair.) Romney’s remarks consisted basically of the claim that the business of America is business, that he’s a businessman who understands business, and that we need “economic freedom” not for the sake of freedom but to allow business to fuel the economy. It’s true that Romney will have plenty of time to improve for the general election, if, as seems likely (but still not inevitable!), he wins the nomination. But if he sticks with this core message, we’d better hope Republicans and independents are really determined to get rid of Barack Obama.

Bill, you know what Romney needs? You to promote a lunatic narcissist female governor who both will destroy his campaign and give you an erection. You know what else might work for Mittens? Why don’t you convince him to invade a random nation of brown people, lying about weapons of mass destruction and leading to 5000 American deaths and over 100,000 dead in the “liberated” nation. Maybe we can even pull down a statue while we are doing it.

Now that I’m thinking about it, shouldn’t the fact that Always Wrong Bill is sad worry me that maybe Romney can beat Obama?

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