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Navel Gazing!


LGM’s Top Ten posts from 2011:

1 Living a Lie Campos
2 Mystery of Cowardice Campos
3 What is Violent Rhetoric? Kaufman
4 The Many Lies of Joe Paterno Campos
5 The War on Drugs vs. the Constitution Lemieux
6 You Don’t Know How Lucky You are Boy, Back in the DPRK Farley
7 50000 People are Taking the LSAT Tomorrow Campos
8 On Bullshit and Law Schools Campos
9 In the Hollywood Woman’s Picture Abortion is Never an Option Lemieux
10 Where to Put Dan Savage Farley

We’d like to thank everyone for a fabulous year. 聽November 2011 was LGM’s highest traffic month on record, with October and December of this year behind only October of 2008. 聽Couldn’t do it without the little people, etc. etc.

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