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Joshua Green is, in a way, right — Paul Ryan’s expensive bottle of wine is like John Edward’s expensive haircut.    It’s a farcical non-story, in other words.   It’s bad that Ryan is leading a charge to destroy the safety net because…it’s bad to destroy the safety net, and it would be equally bad if he stuck to the fruits of Ernest and Julio Gallo.    We already knew that Ryan was much wealthier than the average American; whether he buys fancy wine, a bigger house, or buries his money in the backyard doesn’t make any difference.   We already knew that the idea that the upper class can’t sustain a dime more in taxes was ridiculous.   And unlike Edwards, there isn’t even a hypocrisy angle; Randian crackpots are being perfectly consistent when they buy expensive stuff for themselves.

I guess anything that works to hurt Ryan, except that 1)I don’t think it will, and 2)I think reducing political discourse to Dowdian trivia strongly favors reactionary interests in the long run.

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