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Strangers on a Train


Edward Copeland with an absolutely fantastic discussion of Hitchcock’s superb Strangers on a Train, especially Robert Walker’s titanic work as the uber-creepy Bruno. Copeland concludes:

Finally, there’s the climax on the merry-go-round, one of the most exciting Hitchcock filmed, but there’s a moment many might miss. There’s a little boy still on the ride and even though it’s spinning wildly out of control, he’s having a blast. When the fighting Bruno and Guy come near him, the tyke stars hitting on Bruno — and Bruno hits the kid back. Strangers on a Train, simply put, is just a great fucking movie with Robert Walker giving one of the best portrayals of an on-screen psycho in film history. As Guy says about Bruno toward the end, “He was a very clever man” and Walker was just as clever an actor to deliver this brilliant a performance.

Yes, indeed.

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