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The Real “Al Gore” Problem


Is a problem with irresponsible journalists:

An Al Gore problem is what happens when the media forms an impression of your character and decides to cram every irrelevant detail of your appearance and behavior into that frame, regardless of whether or not it means anything. Thus Romney’s hair and lack of tie are now evidence of a character flaw, as is his decision to give a detailed policy lecture in a university town without being officially sponsored by a University. An Al Gore problem results in the media ganging up on a candidate like cool kids mocking a geek, with literally everything he’s doing serving as more evidence for the predetermined narrative.

It’s hard to pick a single definitive moment in the 18 month War on Gore — and I still might go with ostensible liberal and manufacturer of lies about Gore Frank Rich asserting that choosing between Bush and Gore is like choosing between the Gap and Banana Republic — but the extensive discussions of Gore’s Deeply Troubling three-button suits is probably as good a place to start as any.

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