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Shorter BHL: “Nobody will stop me from defending Dominique Strauss-Kahn against the many conveniently uncited people who believe that he should be convicted without a trial or due process protections. I also don’t understand that the presumption of innocence is a legal concept that doesn’t bind people outside of courts.”

As friend of the blog cer notes, with his whining about how “it’s no longer, as before, ‘poor bastards, the rich are always right’ but “rich bastards, the word of the poor is sacred'” BHL would be the front-runner in the Republican primary if he had only been born here.

…via Adam in comments, Sicha:  “It’s incredible that this is France’s most famous thinker—he can barely think his way through a 900-word Daily Beast blog post.”  I also like Hogan’s line: “It’s like reading “J’Accuse” as rewritten by Maurras.”

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