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My first reaction to this story was “How could you possibly do Undercover Boss as a city mayor?  Wouldn’t you be recognized?”  This quickly gave way to my second reaction, which was the realization that Mark Mallory could come to my house, knock on my door, come in for coffee, and start talking about city issues before I had even the faintest idea who I was talking to.

The decision by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory to be featured in an upcoming episode of the CBS show “Undercover Boss” is ruffling some feathers at city hall.

Last night, Local 12 learned that the mayor wrapped up taping of the episode Wednesday evening.  Jason Barron says Mallory is the first public sector boss to be featured on the show. He couldn’t give away much information on the mayor’s time spent undercover with city employees, but did say it’s been a great experience.

Local 12’s Rich Jaffe spoke with the mayor this afternoon and while he’s pretty excited about being on the show, some city council members question the timing of it.. expressing concern that while the city was going through a grueling budget crisis…the mayor’s focus might have been on Hollywood.

City hall is normally pretty quiet on a Friday. But today, even with many people elsewhere…city hall was buzzing about mayor Mark Mallory being featured in an upcoming episode of “Undercover Boss.” We talked with Mallory on the phone today. “I am really, really glad I did it because I have much more information now about the kind of service we provide, what it takes to do it and why it’s of great value.”

Anyway, looking forward to the ep.  Cincy also hosted the White Castle episode of Undercover Boss, at a White Castle that I’ve gone to twice.

In other news, Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali has apparently begun his own elaborate preparations for appearing on Undercover Boss…

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