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Let’s Try Not to be Cartoonish


Erm… no.

Amos, though, is the wrong man to deal with it. His subordinates know what he thinks of gays. They know he has not an iota of sympathy for what might be their difficulties or any tolerance for their lifestyle. If I were gay, I would not want to work for the man – or serve under him. He is one step short of being a bigot.

It is certainly possible that General Amos will fail to implement the repeal of DADT with sufficient vigor, or that he will attempt to obstruct the policy of the US Congress and the President. If he does these things he should be relieved. He shouldn’t, however, be relieved for holding retrograde attitudes towards gays, and he shouldn’t be relieved for being a bigot. Bigotry is only relevant insofar as it prevents him from doing his job. Firing Amos because he responded openly to direct solicitation of his views is incomparably stupid.

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