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  • I’m sure if the government of South Carolina gave Lanny Davis a sawbuck he’d be on every TV station in the country asserting that slavery had nothing to do with secession within the hour.
  • Tom Coburn produces government waste.  Apparently Brad has yet to be convinced that 90% of the federal budget consists of foreign aid, Cadillacs for welfare mothers, and wastefraudandabuse.
  • Mean, perhaps, but very true:   “Obviously a show about a school choir won’t win many points for its subtlety, but Glee‘s Auto-Tuned-to-the-apocalypse takes on pop were shameless “Hey! Remember that? It happened!” nostalgia-tugs that made Chris Farley’s interviews look like intelligent attempts to place history in some sort of context.”   And, yes, that “Funk (sic)” episode might have been the worst Wonder-meeting-bread moment since Pat Boone’s producers introduced him to Little Richard.
  • The year in Breitbart. “Collapse” probably isn’t the right word — as Larry Sanders noted about Ricardo Montalban’s vacation schedule, “From what?” — but if the Editors were still giving out Golden Wingers he’d be the frontrunner.
  • Matt Zoller Seitz presents the year in film on video.
  • As an Expos fan, I always wince during fire sales, and having one occur after you’ve signed Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera…that’s gotta suck.   But is trading Greinke a fire sale?   Rany says no, Posnanski is much less optimistic. The latter seems a lot more persuasive, but I may be permanently scarred from people on the Expos listserv trying to tell me that Pavano/Armas Jr./Poor man’s David Segui 1B prospect was a decent return for 1998 vintage Pedro Martinez.
  • Beefheart for beginners.   I actually share Freeman’s contrarian take:  not only would I advise the curious to start with Doc at the Radar Station instead of Trout Mask Replica, 15 years after a friend burned both for me I still prefer the former.   And while in theory you’d think he’d be nearly impossible to compile, the superbly selected, apparently out-of-print Rhino best-of is worth seeking out before death drives the price through the roof.
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