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This is a Man Who Knows His Nuclear Annihilation…


I kinda wish a Democratic elected official would say something like this:

Well, let me just tell you that the most excited I’m about is — and I’m asking Congress to pass –is the agreement to reduce our nuclear weapons. This, I think, is the most important thing, because we can talk from here to eternity —  We can talk from here to eternity about doing business together but if there’s an accident, a nuclear accident of someone pulling something — as you know, there are still a huge amount of missiles that are pointed at each other for no reason.

But everyone is trying to — every country is kind of concerned about how do you get — how do you reduce that? Because there are those in America that are trying to flex their muscles and pretend they’re ballsy by saying, “we’ve got to keep those nuclear weapons.” That’s very rugged, when you say that.  It’s not rugged at all; it’s an idiot that says that. It’s stupid to say that.

It’s got everything. Recognition of the problem that START is designed to help remedy, diagnosis of the faux masculinity of rejectionist talking points, and willingness to call out opponents as the morons that they are.

Via Sigger.

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