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New Zealand: 31% Less Crazy than the US, in Spite of the Sheep and the Hobbits


Kiwis hate Jeebus:

Biblical citations inscribed on U.S.-manufactured weapon sights used by New Zealand’s troops in Afghanistan will be removed because they are inappropriate and could stoke religious tensions, New Zealand said Thursday.

The inscriptions on products from defense contractor Trijicon of Wixom, Michigan, came to light this week in the U.S. where Army officials said Tuesday they would investigate whether the gun sights — also used by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq — violate U.S. procurement laws.

Australia also said Thursday its military used the sights and was now assessing what to do.

Trijicon said it has had such inscriptions on its products for three decades and has never received complaints about them before. The inscriptions, which don’t include actual text from the Bible, refer numerically to passages from the book.

New Zealand defense force spokesman Maj. Kristian Dunne said Trijicon would be instructed to remove the inscriptions from further orders of the gun sights for New Zealand and the letters would be removed from gun sights already in use by troops.

Now, if the fact that Trijicon Super-Jeebus aiming sights were exported to Australia and New Zealand makes you wonder whether they were exported to countries like Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, you’re a smart cookie. I don’t know the answer, and a quick google search hasn’t revealed any results. Probably worth investigating, though.

H/t to joejoejoe.

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