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Typhoons Coming Back?


Via Chet, the coolest submarines ever built may be returning to service:

A week ago, Admiral Vladimir Vysotskiy, the Navy Commander-in-Chief, told journalists that the Navy intends to keep Project 941 Typhoon submarines in service. These submarines were waiting for some kind of decision about their future since at least 2004, then the Navy disbanded the division that held them.

It appears that the Navy plan is to keep the Project 941 submarines, but without ballistic missiles – as cruise missile carriers or in some other role (these options were mentioned some time ago). I’m not sure why the Navy would want to get into the trouble of converting the submarines, but this definitely can be done. Especially since the conversion would not have to involve cutting out the missile compartment as it is required by the START treaty.

Speculative and vague? Yes, but conversion of the surviving Typhoons to SSGN status would certainly be possible, and would be roughly similar to what the USN has done with four of the Ohios. As to why the Russians would do it… well, why do they ever do anything?

I almost feel dirty after watching that.

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