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There’s a lot of this kind of thing going around right now (shorter version: she can bring home the salmon and fry it up in a pan). Indeed it’s being claimed that “Palin’s supermom abilities provoke envy and anxiety in other women, especially other working mothers.”

Given that the GOP is currently marketing Palin as a more authentic brand of feminist than the old man-marriage-and-children-hating blue state variety, one of the many questions I’d like to see our enterprising press corps pursue is: Who is actually raising Sarah and Todd’s Palin’s children, and in particular their five-month old special needs infant? The Palins both appear to work full-time for income.

I suspect these are, at a much more muted yet still comparatively speaking extremely privileged level, the same sorts of special abilities that would, for example, allow John McCain to escape the ravages of a hurricane by moving into one of his other houses.

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