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Oh THAT New Yorker Cover


This one.

While I’ll agree with…oh, just about everyone that the drawing plays right into the hands of Faux News et al., I can’t say that I agree with Atrios’s summary:

Since it’s the controversy of the day, let me make my views more clear. It obviously was an attempt at satire, but it fails. It represents the basic stuff that you get from the Right about Obama, but it neither mocks nor exaggerates them. It’s a sad state of affairs that conservatives are hard to satirize or parody because they’re so insane, but that’s where we are.

Well, yes, the far right is so insane these days that it is hard to satirize them. But I think does the trick. It *does* exaggerate the stuff they say about Obama — that’s exactly the problem so many other progressives are having today.

So we can be angry at the New Yorker for giving the other side such great ammunition. But I don’t think we can say it’s not at least a little funny. Especially given that it’s titled “Politics of Fear.”

Ok you all. Pounce. I’m ready for it.

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