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It’s obviously funny in itself to see Serious Journalist and (Pro-stripping people of their property and sending them to interment camps solely on the basis of their race) Historian Michelle Malkin engaging in an interminable whine about Barack Obama’s choice of sandwiches and the unwillingness of Obama or Clinton to patronize bigots. But I especially liked that she included this line from a story about John Kerry in 2004:

It will doom his candidacy in Philadelphia,” predicted Craig LaBan, food critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, which broke the Sandwich Scandal. After all, Philly cheesesteaks come with Cheez Whiz, or occasionally American or provolone. But Swiss cheese? “In Philadelphia, that’s an alternative lifestyle,” LaBan explained.

Hmm, how did that work out?

Philadelphia County:

Kerry (D) 542,205 81%
Bush (R) 130,099 19%

Why, it’s almost as if the primary class of people who gives a damn whether a presidential candidate gets crappy processed cheese on their sandwiches is not so much “Ordinary People” as “wealthy wingnut pundits who live in the gated suburbs of urban centers.”

(Via Tristement, Non!)

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