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Giving Second Chances a Try


Better late blogging about it than never.

Yesterday, President Bush signed a piece of legislation that I actually agree with — the Second Chance Act. The Act authorizes $326 million to local governments and nonprofit groups to fund drug courts, re-entry programs, education, and drug treatment. The bill is meant to help reduce recidivism rates…which is something that is desperately needed.

The only potential downside: the program explicitly allows funding for faith-based groups. Seems to me like it’s a double-edged sword — in many ways, it makes a lot of sense to fund faith-based programs because the church is such a strong center of so many communities of color and it can be a powerful force for good. But because of the Bush administration’s seeming inability to keep faith and government separate, anything that blurs the line makes me nervous.

Still, I’m hopeful.

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