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Dear Jonah: I Am Not Serious, Either


The admiring letter.

And a screenshot of my Gmail account, from whence it came:

Fully realizing that explaining the joke makes it significantly less funny, I’ll briefly note that the point of this exercise was two-fold:

First, to demonstrate that Jonah Goldberg will literally re-print almost anything he’s sent, provided that it makes some positive, vacuous observation about his book.

Second, to distill the essence of much of the rest of his fan mail, best summarized as a credulous game of “spot the swastika.” This letter, for example, compares the Supreme Court’s 1992 Casey decision to a passage from Mussolini’s La Dottrino del Fascismo (which Goldberg himself admits he hasn’t read in three years). And this fellow discovered that liberal fascists were everywhere, not only at the University of Wisconsin (natch), but also at Robert La Follette High School — which was of course named for the progressive fascist Republican who once vowed to make Wisconsin a “laboratory for democracy fascism.”

As Jonah himself is fond of saying, “I could quite literally go on like this all day.” But I won’t.

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