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If you’re not with us….


So it appears Atlas ran out of quaaludes and orange juice today:

Bush has lost his mind and his moral compass. This statement is an outrage. A lie and a blood libel. Israel has never committed any acts of terrorism. What a tool of Islamic jihad. Based on that, Bush is a terrorist, anyone that defends himself, his family, his country is a terrorist.

Jeepers. I’d hate to imagine how she’d respond if the Bush administration were genuinely interested in a settlement that came anywhere close the international consensus on resolving the 40-year occupation. It’s almost as if the past seven years — during which the US did utterly nothing to discourage Israel’s brutal reassertions in the West Bank, its conversion of Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison, or its self-defeating war in Lebanon — hadn’t actually happened.

Where’s the gratitude, for chrissakes? After all, by allowing the peace process to founder since 2001, the Bush administration passively (and I’m being generous with that word) abetted a Palestinian civil war that likely only to worsen in the aftermath of all this, whether or not any viable deal is reached next year. And by fouling up two wars in the region, this same administration cleared the way for Iran’s re-emergence as the region’s great boogeyman, a role that assured more than anything that this “meeting” in Annapolis would happen in the first place — all while giving dead-end zealots like Frank Gaffney all the cause they need to shriek about Israel’s impending destruction.

Really, what more do these people want?

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