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Idle Thoughts on Modern Travel


I understand that niche airlines are dicey ventures. I’m not sure how the airline for smokers is doing, for example, though it appears already to have survived longer than the airline for sad, corporate shitheads.

That said, after listening to a just-barely-too-loud-for-earplugs, several-hour soliloquy yesterday from a passenger sitting behind me — about how she’s a vet student at LSU, and how boring Baton Rouge is, and how excellent LSU football is, and how she was on her way to interview for a job, and how she tends to stay out later at the bars when her boyfriend isn’t in town — I would be really keen on an airline for introverts. “STFU Air” might not be the most limber of names, but if anyone wants to develop a business plan for this sort of sure-to-fail scheme, let me know.

Not being a devout follower of college football these day, I will nevertheless be making additional burnt offerings this weekend on behalf of the Kentucky Wildcats, who will — if justice is not the cruelest of illusions — tear LSU limb from limb.

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