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This is a 747. Seeing a 747 is not an uncommon experience if one hangs out at airports, unless your preferred airport-of-hanging is Bluegrass Airport in Lexington. At Bluegrass, the only 747s you see are, like this one, from the United Arab Emirates. Kentucky and the UAE have a close connection between one another because of the horses; Rashid al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai, owns several horse farms in the area and regularly flies in (along with others) to buy new horses.

The good folks of Kentucky seem unfazed by all of this, although on Monday there was some good natured gawking at the size of the aircraft. In Kentucky, partiality for horses excuses many sins. Debbie Schlussel, of course, is not one of the good folks of Kentucky. For a chuckle, check out these two old posts on the relationship between Kentucky and the UAE.

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