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"What About 9/11"?!?!?!


So I watched the video, had a great idea for a post, but then I scrolled down and saw that Matt beat me to Romney’s non-sequitur response to Ron Paul’s point that the people telling us that leaving Iraq will be a catastrophe are the same idiots who told us that we’d be out in three months and the war would be funded by Iraqi oil revenues:

The best part of the clip, though, is when Mitt Romney interrupts with the nonsensical question “has he forgotten 9/11?” I’m not sure anything better sums up the vacuity of conventional present-day conservative thinking about national security than that intervention: the presumption that, somehow, endless invocations of that horrible crime will justify anything at all, no matter how unrelated, how pointless, or how counterproductive it may be.

Right. Basically, this the Ann Althouse school of foreign policy; any military action that follows 9/11 is ipso facto justified by 9/11 irrespective of whether there’s any rational connection between the two, and anyone who criticizes any American action is forgetting about 9/11. But it’s a lot scarier coming from the GOP frontrunner than from a blogger who doesn’t actually know anything about foreign policy.

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