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Not that I Follow Such Things


…But apparently, in Hollywood, pregnant is the new super-thin and going to jail because of an act linked to a drug addiction, well that’s just what everyone is doing (Lohan, most prominently and publicly). Doing pregnancy and jail together, as Nicole Richie is about to, now that’s just plain trendsetting. Or so says HuffPo’s Verena von Pfetten, tongue firmly planted in her cheek.

Of course, Richie’s going for only four days (out of a possible 3 years), and was offered the pay-for-privacy cushy prison experience (which she declined; she will complete her sentence in the county jail). For most women who battle addiction and end up in jail because of their addictions alone (thousands each year and rising), jail is a lot less glamorous. Jail while pregnant is the nightmare that comes true for 7% of all incarcerated women.

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