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Beef: The New Solution to your Dating Woes


Continuing with my food posting….though this time connected to feminism.

There’s been a lot of e-ink spilled around the blogosphere about yesterday’s truly offensive NY Times Style Section article telling ladies that the new way to snag a good man (or any man) is to eat meat. I know it’s the style section, and it’s not the first time that the Times has woven a little misogyny into its food writing, just for good measure, so what do I expect? Well, better than this.

There’s a lot that’s hair pulling frustrating about this article, not to mention that it’s so beef-o-philic that it sounds like the reporter is a shill for the beef industry.

But I think it’s Zuzu who gets to the heart of what’s irksome about this article: fat phobia and gender stereotyping.

For the record, I do eat beef. But I don’t like people praising me for “not eating like a girl” when the order is a burger and beer or assuming that my vegetarian male partner is the one who ordered the burger, when indeed the salmon turns out to be for him. To see the Times not only buy into but also glorify that impulse makes me lose my appetite.

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