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And then There’s This


An anonymous couple has a website up through which they are trying to raise $50,000 to allow them to have a child. If they dont’ raise the money they don’t feel that they will be able to raise the child in the manner they desire, so they will seek an abortion. Via Gawker:, here’s the couple’s statement:

Please don’t mis-understand, it’s not that we _want_ to abort the baby. Although neither of us is particularly pro-life, we don’t want to have to have an abortion. We think we’d be pretty good parents, and we both would enjoy raising a kid. We’re both from pretty good stock, well educated and intelligent. We’d be able to raise the child in a good environment, teach it right, keep it out of trouble, and introduce a new productive member of humanity to the world. Our kid won’t grow up and rob you.Right now, we just can’t afford it, which is why we’re here, on this site. We’ve crunched some numbers, and we believe that, to really set ourselves up in a good environemnt [sic] for the baby, we need $50,000.

If they decide not to carry the pregnancy to term, they’ll donate whatever money they have raised to a nonprofit. In their words, “probably a pro-life organization.”

I am flabbergasted. Raising a kid is expensive, sure, and it’s a serious problem that it’s so hard to make enough money in this country to send a child to college without accruing huge debt. But is this the solution? I’m gonna go with no.

update: Yes, people, I know this could be a joke. Still interested what you think.

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