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Torture Mark Green


On Air America’s website, the brilliant Mark Green (the newest incompetent owner) has an open comments thread so you can let him know what a great job he’s doing. I suggest you head on over and let him know. You’ll have to register to put in your comment.

I went back to listen to the “Lionel” show again today. He took a caller that gave a very detailed critique of the Bush administration, and his response was basically, “forget about that stuff, what you need to realize is that Bush is a dry drunk”, and then spent 30 minutes talking about that instead. And then he went into his 9/11 conspiracy nonsense. ughhh….

Those of us who purchased XM Radio solely to listen to Air America miss you Sam Seder.

(cross posted at BlueGrassRoots)

UPDATE: Sam Seder’s Sunday show debuts this Sunday, with Atrios joing him. His new website looks quite zesty too. Its a sad substitute for those with boring day jobs like me, though.

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