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Bush falls into McConnell’s hole


Bush just stated in his press conference that if the Iraqi government wants us to leave, we will leave. This echoes Sen. McConnell’s previous comment I spoke of earlier that we’ll gladly pull out if that is what Iraq wants.

This is coming from someone who has long said that no other country or international organization will have a veto over our policy. He has also said that pulling out of Iraq will be the “worstest thing evah” and make those damn Iraqis follow us home over the ocean in their canoes to kill us.

So basically, staying in Iraq is of the most vital importance to our security, but if their government doesn’t want us there, we will cower and endanger our country by acquiescing to their demands.

He is, of course, full of crap on both accounts, because there is absolutely nothing on earth that would cause him to pull out, whether that be the American people, our legislature, or the Iraqi legislature. Such a vote by the Iraqi legislature and defiance of it will just further destroy his credibility, yet those Republicans that still support him are likely to stay in their world of delusion no matter what evidence they are presented with.

(crossposted at BlueGrassRoots)

….apparently, the AP, CBS, ABC and CNN found this detail not important enough to put into their coverage of the press conference.

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