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It’s Working!


Captain Ed:

Moqtada al-Sadr has decided to finally acknowledge that the surge strategy in Baghdad will undermine the basis of his power in Iraq, and has ordered the Mahdi Army to resist American and Iraqi forces trying to put him out of business.

Remember now; if the Mahdi Army lies low, then the Surge is working. If the Mahdi Army fights back, then the Surge is working. If the Mahdi Army has already dissolved, the Surge is working. If Sadr cooperates, the Surge is working. If he runs, the Surge is working. If he orders attacks, the Surge is working.

It’s magical, this Surge; no matter what happens, the evidence demonstrates that the Surge is working. It can’t fail! Any behavior taken by anyone in Iraq is a positive by-product of the Surge. I mean, sure, the Surge hasn’t dented American casualty rates or Iraqi casualty rates for the country as a whole, but that also is evidence that it’s working; the enemy is clearly desperate, which is why he’s attacking us.

I’m glad it’s not my job to manufacture this tripe.

…UPDATE: Iraq Coaltion Casualty Monitor has helpfully updated their recording system to take account of the Surge. US casualties since the beginning of the Surge are running at 3.14/day, which is the highest of any period since the end of major combat. Now, as I’ve suggested earlier casualty rates aren’t a great way to assess the success of this operation. Advocates, however, weren’t shy about declaring the Surge a success because it had reduced American losses, even if they needed mathmatical illiteracy to do so.

The last week in Iraq has been ghastly, but don’t expect Surge advocates to recognize that this is a problem anytime soon.

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