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Wingnut Self-Parody of the Day


Treason-in-Defense-of-Slavery Yankee. While the old newspapers and oily rags pile up in his living room, and as he passes his days eating cheese sandwiches and saving his own excrement in white plastic buckets, Bob Owens has been in a manifesto-writing mood. In his latest effort, “Death to the Leftist Insect that Preys on the Life of the People” “United Left of Defeat,” Bob concludes that

[o]n a fundamental level, leftists are no longer Americans first. They nakedly place their partisan political objectives above those of the nation as a whole. . . .

They are incapable of seeing it as a victory for the Iraqi people, whom they have made abundantly clear though their choices of rhetoric and proposed legislation, are secondary citizens of the world, at best. They refuse to acknowledge the possibility of a victory in Iraq as being good for the United States, the Iraqi people, or the world at large. They have chosen sides, and they do not side with the best interests of our country, or that of other free nations.

Strong words from a man who’s argued for caning the wogs when they get out of line. And coming from a fellow who . . . you know . . . loves the Confederacy and all, the “Americans first” exhalations are priceless as always.

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