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Judicial Activism: The Real Definition!


The Conservapedia (via everybody and their cat) is indeed pure gold, and many people have picked out their favorite bits. (I’m particularly partial to “[Nineteen-Eighty-Four] is a utopian book because it talks about a place where everyone is watched over by Big Brother.”) I like the entry on “judicial activism“:

There are two major types of judicial activism practiced in the United States’ court system:

1. Liberal judges striking down laws that uphold core conservative American values
2. Liberal judges refusing to strike down laws that subvert core conservative American values

The most famous example of this is Roe v. Wade. Other examples include Brown v Board of Education[1] and Loving v Virginia[2] which stripped state control over education and marriage, respectively, putting it in the hands of the federal government.

Indeed. I only wish someone would add the Rehnquist quote about “strict constructionism,” (perhaps with a discussion of whether overturning Roe or Loving would produce more sweet, sweet freedom), and that the entry had an initial definition of “judgifying we don’t like.

…as a commenter points out, make sure to check out Patrick and his commenters as well.

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