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You never have to be wrong…


Just because of pesky reality. Just take a lesson from James Glassman and tweak the original claim a little. Like, you know, giving your financial prediction a time horizion almost four times as long as the original prediction.

I can play this game, too.

(November 1st, 2006). I predict that next Tuesday, the Democrats will take the House of Representatives convincingly, and hold it for some time.

(Democrats pick up 8 house seats in 2006, loose them all and then some in the 2008 McCain landslide)

(2009) I stand by my original claim. It’ll just be the 2018 midterms, that’s all.

h/t Ezra

On an unrelated note, tonight I’m heading to Bloomington, Indiana (widely acknowledged as the only decent place in what is otherwise the ugliest state in the union in our ugly state thread). Realistically, this is probably my only visit to Bloomington in the foreseeable future, so if there’s anything one simply shouldn’t miss in Bloomington, do let me know.

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