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Requiem for Tower


Terry Teachout recently had a WSJ piece about the bankruptcy of Tower Records. Alas, this one will be fatal (and, worse, I found out only after the jazz sections at both the 4th St. and Lincoln Center locations had been all but picked clean.) After singing the praises of the serendipity of browsing in physical stores, he said that he now bought all of his CDs online. Oddly, although I do a lot of online shopping (especially for books), with CDs I always preferred brick and mortar. I liked wandering around stores and being reminded of something, was impatient about getting new releases, liked getting recommendation from the clerk in the local shop who looked like Anna Karina circa 1962, etc.–the whole experience. But I decided to take the hint and with my eye on the P.J. Harvey BBC thing (somebody put her “Wang Dang Doodle on a mix CD a while back–I want to her more where that came from), the strange new Tom Waits project, and the new Joanna Newsom (hard to know what to make of the O’Rourke/Albini/Dyke Parks production/arrangement consortium applied to her music–but, actually, it sounds promising, and my critic friends seem to like what they’ve heard), I decided to suck it up and put in an advance order and hope they’ll arrive close to the release date. Another principle surrendered…

By the way, I just remembered that I forgot to thank Dave N. for his generous purchase of We Jam Econo from what I had assumed was a vestigial wish list. An extra round of Jesus and Tequilla for all!

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