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Filibuster Alito


The Alito filibuster fight is on. Of particular interest to our Washington state readers: according to Jane, “Maria Cantwell is reportedly quite wobbly, and might be susceptible to pressure. If Cantwell falls, Murray will potentially fall too.” Senators from one of the most pro-choice states in the country shouldn’t be even in the “maybe” column. Let Cantwell and Murray know that you don’t want to see Roe v. Wade gutted or overturned.

I’ve already explained why the Dems should obviously filibuster Alito
, who is likely to be the most reactionary justice appointed to the Supreme Court since James McReynolds retired in 1941. The short version is this: the Democrats need to make it clear what they stand for, and what the Republicans stand for. The Democrats stand for Roe v. Wade; the Republicans stand for poor women being forced by state coercion to choose between carrying unwanted pregnancies to term or unsafe illegal abortions (while, of course, the daughters of wealthy Republicans maintain control of their bodies.) The Democrats stand for a presidency constrained by law; the Republicans stand for arbitrary presidential power. The Democrats stand for the fair enforcement of laws protecting workers from unfair discrimination; the Republicans for largely unchecked corporate power. It’s that simple. Senators have the constitutional authority to protect the hard-won liberties of the American people, and they should exercise that authority.

Mary Kay has the Senators’ emails too.

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