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This story is not terribly interesting, in and of itself:

Bolivia admiral denies coup plan

Admiral Luis Aranda

The head of Bolivia’s armed forces has denied that the military is planning a coup and has criticised two officers for calling on the president to resign.

Commander-in-chief Luis Aranda called the officers’ statement in a radio interview irresponsible and untimely.

Sun rises, coup plotters gather in a Latin American country. No big deal, right? But wait. . .

Bolivia has admirals?

Bolivia has a navy?

Bolivia has a coastline?

The answers, it turns out, are positive to the first two questions and negative to the third. Bolivia does indeed have a Navy. It seems that Bolivia is still reluctant to accept the verdict of the 1884 War of the Pacific, in which Chile seized the only territory linking Bolivia to the ocean. So, Bolivia maintains a navy, in the hopes of one day reacquiring a coastline.

Learn something new every day.

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