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More than Meets the Eye


Great, non-baseball thread at USS Mariner. Make sure to read the comments as well, in particular for a discussion of how an eighty foot tall robot can transform himself into a handgun. Here is how the thread begins:

I always thought Megatron and Shockwave were ridiculously bad-ass compared to the Autobots, though clearly the size issue (huge robots compacting into guns) was unbelievable, even compared to the other robot/item size issues

Optimus Prime:
18-wheeler, low acceleration, poor handling, can haul cargo oorrr… prissy leader robot guy who seems content with no vision on how to win war

Gun or psychotic megalomaniac with new plan every week

Which of those should be the more effective in a quest for world domination?

And it ends with a dialogue between Grimlock, Optimus Prime, and Jazz. Have fun.

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