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Missile Defense: Empty link and empty heads?


Via Atrios, a link to the Heritage Foundation page on missile defense. As Atrios cogently points out, Talking Points and Recommendations have full, and Facts and Figures is empty.

This is one I really despair of convincing anyone on. In a class setting, you can go through deterrence theory, you can explain what an ABM does to deterrence theory, and you can describe the likelihood that an undeterrable adversary (a terrorist organization) will ever pick ballistic missiles as a delivery system for nuclear weapons against the United States. You can explain how an innovation spiral works, and how any potential opponent will spend time and money to defeat our ABM system. Finally, you can point out that the damn thing doesn’t work, and likely won’t work with any reasonable certainty (and you NEED certainty with a missile defense system) for the next couple decades.

Do all that, and maybe convince your students. But try convincing the general public, in the forum of the thirty second ad, especially when one side, already knowing all of the problems above, is dedicated to making political hay out of a worse-than-useless project because it contains the word “defense” in the title.

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