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How Donald Trump Became the Republican Nominee For President is an Eternal Mystery


Why, consider the fine upstanding citizen who is the most popular host on the network that acts as the voice of American conservatism:

An aggressive lawyer, great ratings and a supportive parent company addicted to the advertising revenue churned out by “The O’Reilly Factor”: The King of Cable News has all the support he needs to continue his particular brand of on-air showmanship. Indeed, it has been reported that O’Reilly’s contract at the network has been renewed.

So O’Reilly will continue in his dual role as the network’s greatest asset and liability, all wrapped up in one self-important package. If nothing else, these latest revelations flesh out the deep affinities that he shares with his vanilla-milkshake-drinking buddy President Trump, who has his own patented ways of approaching women. When the “Access Hollywood” tape surfaced last October, O’Reilly declined to air the most damaging part of the dialogue between then-businessman Trump and Billy Bush — that quip about grabbing women “by the pussy.” Why leave that out?

“I’m not going to play too much of it, because it’s crude guy talk,” O’Reilly told his viewers.

Here’s an anchor who shouldn’t be trusted to share space with his colleagues, nor to report on women and men. He is an awful, awful man.

The whole Times story Wemple is discussing is worth reading. And yet it will presumably change nothing, because Bill O’Reilly always made money for his partners.

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