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Things Are Not Becoming More Hinged


Democracy has its faults, but I’m beginning to think it’s preferable to “letting a slave power anachronism and the director of the FBI pick the president”:

Trump obviously won the election, but he narrowly lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton. He told senators Thursday that was because of the “thousands” of people “brought in on buses” from Massachusetts to “illegally vote” in New Hampshire. The room reportedly responded with an “uncomfortable silence.”

Trump indicated that this voter fraud, of which there is no evidence, had also affected Ayotte, though he suggested her loss might have also had something to do with her decision to distance herself from him after he criticized the parents of a Muslim Gold Star soldier. “He told her, ‘You’d have won if you’d been on my train,” a participant told Politico.

Then, as the cherry on top of that crumbling cake, Trump told Democrats he was glad “Pocahontas” — his chosen nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — was “becoming the face of ‘your party,'” Politico reported.

Fewer than 1440 days to go!

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  • Donna Gratehouse

    Then, as the cherry on top of that crumbling cake, Trump told Democrats he was glad “Pocahontas” — his chosen nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — was “becoming the face of ‘your party,’” Politico reported.

    Cue the concern trolls of all affiliations with – “Are you Democrats sure you want Elizabeth Warren to be the face of your party?!?”

    • Yes. Yes, I am. Ever since before she even ran for Senate in 2012, I’ve wanted that.

      Nevertheless, she persisted!

    • I figure it beats having Trump as the face of the party. I’d certainly feel sorry for any party with that problem.

  • Charlie S

    A bit OT, but perhaps could be answered here: an anonymous judge on the 9th circuit has requested that the three judge ruling from Thursday be heard en banc. How common is this and what does it mean? It strikes me as a bit strange.

    • Abbey Bartlet

      Also OT: Glenn Greenwald continues to be the worst. And he deleted the original tweet after getting called out.

      • In before TBogg Unit.

      • Tom in BK

        The only two people who’ve blocked me on Twitter have been Glenn Greenwald and Meghan McCain. I don’t know what my point is, but since we’re going OT…

      • Brien Jackson

        Christ what a narcissistic asshole.

      • Jordan

        lol, great pull. I liked this one right after

        you vain weirdo

      • tsam

        I don’t understand this…? Keep receipts?

        • wjts

          I don’t understand it either.

          • tsam

            I messed up–it’s “have receipts” rather than keep. Sounds like GG has made a much bigger thing of it than it is.

        • Jordan

          freakin slate had it half a year ago here

          And its been there for quite a while before that (again, when slate is explaining it to you …). So GG is hilariously out of touch. Its one thing to say, as you do, “I don’t get this?”. Thats fine, thats everyone.

          Its another to say “lol, look at this new thing that has now become super prevalent, such cliche, such stupidity” like GG did. That means you are an olds and fucking it up embarrassingly (onion belt, etc). It was a very easy google search away, and yet, nah, that was too much effort for GG.

          • wjts

            Thanks for the link. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get to the grocery store before they close – my belt needs a new onion.

            • tsam

              I’ll drive.

            • Jordan

              You’re excused, not everyone got into the livejournal hole and became aware of “oh no they didn’t!”. Nor should anyone have done so, really.

              /I still think livejournal was awesome.

              • LJ was awesome. It got ruined after it got sold.

                • efgoldman

                  LJ was awesome. It got ruined after it got sold.

                  It’s where my kid first wrote publicly (i.e. not for school); now she’s a real live journamalist and gets paid for it.

      • Nick056

        Eh. They were both being jerks.

      • TVTray

        Good lord!

    • UncleEbeneezer

      This is a pretty good ‘splainer, I think, though IANAL:

      After you file your appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a panel of three judges is randomly selected to hear the case.

      That panel reviews your case and affirms Judge Judy’s lower court ruling: It rules that the publication of the photos is protected free expression, and that Anystate’s revenge porn statute is unconstitutionally broad. You lose again.

      You and your lawyers confer on what your next step should be. You can either (1) ask the same three-judge panel to rehear your case by filing a “petition for rehearing”; (2) ask the “full bench” of judges—which, according to the rules of procedure governing the Ninth Circuit, only needs to consist of 11 judges even though the Ninth Circuit has 29—to rehear your case by filing a “petition for rehearing en banc”; or (3) head straight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

      A court won’t rehear a case en banc unless it determines the case relates to a question of “major importance,” or if the panel opinion contradicts existing law or precedent. For example, if a Ninth Circuit panel ruled in a different case that publishing the sort of photos your ex did is a violation of copyright law and an invasion of privacy, that would constitute enough of a conflict to warrant an en banc rehearing. Usually, however, appeals courts don’t bother rehearing a case en banc. Judges are busy, and it can be a hassle to get them all together in one place at one time.

      You decide that asking for a rehearing en banc is what you want to do next, so you file that petition. Unfortunately, the Ninth Circuit denies it.

      At that point, you usually have 90 days to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case by filing a petition for writ of certiorari, or “cert petition.” The Court may decide to grant you up to an extra 60 days to file your cert petition if you ask for an extension and have a good reason for doing so.

    • randy khan

      It’s pretty unusual. My best guess is that one of the Republicans wants to have a chance to go on record as dissenting from the earlier decision, and the only way to do that is to have a vote on whether to rehear the case. Regardless, it complicates things a bit for the Administration, since they now have to file a brief next week explaining whether they want the case to be reheard or not.

  • howard

    now if i were warren – or any other democratic senator, for that matter – i’d be saying it’s time to hold some hearings on the meaning of the 25th ammendment.

    this is, after all, a man who can be baited with a tweet.

    • N__B

      Press conferences simply explaining the 25A would probably be better bait than hearings.

      • Jordan

        Maybe you can explain it to me: how is the 25th amendment any easier of a way of removing the president (who is capable of saying “nah, I’m still in charge”) than is impeachment?

        Is it because of the fast timetables? Because its not that fast, and still requires 2/3rds votes of both houses within 21 days to make it happen.

        • howard

          I doubt there’s anything easy about a use of the 25th amendment: I just want to drive trump battier.

          • N__B


            • Jordan

              and, ya, you were just mentioning the press conferences.

              Yet another instance of always listen to the polar bear.

          • Jordan

            more than fair enough.

      • pillsy

        Go on CNN to talk about it. Or get a headline in the New York Times (he won’t read the article, of course).

        • howard

          in the best of all worlds, he tweets out something like “crazy democrats think i’m insane. sad” and then issues an order to count the strawberries.

          • efgoldman

            then issues an order to count the strawberries.

            His hands are too small to roll the ball bearings.

  • JMP

    Look, racist jokes are just hilarious, and it’s so unfair that we’re not allowed to tell them anymore, but if we direct our racist jokes at someone who has a small amount of Native American ancestry but is basically white, then means they’re not really racist anymore and so we can keep making them as much as we want and you don’t get to call us racist, so checkmate, libs!

    Plus, we get to go even better than our inspections on the kerning of President Obama’s birth certificate and declare that, if Senator Warren can’t produce her great-great-grandfather’s birth certificate, then she must be lying about having some Native American ancestry, despite that being completely stupid! It’s so hilarious!

    • efgoldman

      if Senator Warren can’t produce her great-great-grandfather’s birth certificate, then she must be lying about having some Native American ancestry

      This crap started with a direct question answered directly, and Cosmo-Boy morphed it into “she lied to get affirmative action admission at Harvard.”
      Except she never went to Harvard – she taught there.

  • tsam

    This mighty business mogul sure gots a lot of excuses for when he fails. It’s almost like he’s not the super dude he claims to be.

    • Wait’ll he starts throwing the flunkies off the bus & to the curb. The level of outrage at the betrayal of the Golden King will be Shakespearean.

      • tsam

        Then he’ll replace them with even more sycophantic and even less competent dirtbags.

        As to Shakespeare, he’s got his “OH I HATE THE MOOR SO MUCH” devil on his shoulder.

        • N__B

          I’m thinking Coriolanus more than Othello. “You banish me? I BANISH YOU!”

          • tsam

            Awww now I have to read that one. Sad.

            • N__B

              When you read it…the last time I saw it live, Christopher Walken was Coriolanus and Keith David was Aufidius. David is about twice the size of Walken.

              • tsam

                I’ll keep those images in my head.

                • Dennis Orphen

                  I’m going to take it a little farther with the images in my head and replace Keith David with Brian Keith.n Then, it would only be natural to replace Christopher Walken with Daniel Hugh Kelly. Then, at the end of the last act, Coriolanus and Aufidius resolve their differences with a one on one basketball game in the driveway (after moving the custom sportscar out of the way, of course).

                • efgoldman

                  Then, at the end of the last act, Coriolanus and Aufidius resolve their differences with a one on one basketball game in the driveway

                  Or you could just rent “Abbot & Costello and Ma & Pa Kettle meet Shakespeare”

                • Dennis Orphen

                  I tried. There’s only one copy available nationwide and they tell me some old guy in Rhode Island or someplace like that has it and won’t return it.

  • Ronan

    Look out, Mama,
    there’s a white nationalist
    comin’ up the river

    • With an orange head and a terrible toupee and some FAIL

      • Thom

        I think you better call Warren
        It don’t look like he’s here
        With a sliver of the Grail

        • And he’s always a tweet away
          with a couple 140 characters of cray cray a day
          He’s got Christo-fascism on the side
          and he’s dumb
          But he’s makin’ big waves.

      • Rugosa

        I’d like to repeat the old joke “It’s got to be his real hair – no one would buy a toupee that ugly” but from what we’ve seen of his taste generally, he actually would buy a toupee that ugly.

        • Dr. Ronnie James, DO

          It’s a $60,000 weave made of clippings of his own remaining hair knotted onto the remaining hairs on the back and sides of his head (let no one say Jezebel doesn’t do real journalism). He tried hair plugs decades ago & the grafts failed. His doctor said he’s taking Propecia now, presumably so he doesn’t lose those last few strands that anchor the weave.

          I’m guessing he can’t pull off the Patrick Stewart look.

          • N__B

            He tried hair plugs decades ago & the grafts failed

            It’s not every man who can say he’s been rejected by non-sentient hair.

            • tsam

              Vanity-perhaps the harshest of all mistresses.

              • Dennis Orphen

                She’s dead now, Nikki. You are free at last.

  • socraticsilence

    Um… does Trump wonder why Maggie Hassan got less “fake votes” than Hillary?

    The Senate race was closer because Ayotte jettisoned the Orange Zeppelin.

    • efgoldman

      does Trump wonder

      Never, ever, about anything.

    • LosGatosCA

      Wonder = synapses firing



      • Dennis Orphen

        You’ve discovered something Trump won’t fire.

  • Next ol’ Lumpy’ll be complaining that the only reason a majority of those polled disapprove of the job he’s pullingdoing is ’cause the dirty libtard pollsters are only polling immigrants, O.K.?

    Beyond the general background noise of “busloads of voters” & the litany of suppress-the-vote paranoia, I would dare to say that each time Trump mentions the “illegal vote” he’s been triggered by a reminder that he was whipped in the popular vote. I can only hope that when he’s wandering the Executive Mansion in his bathrobe there’s a little voice (no doubt echoing, ha ha) in his head repeating the headline “Two-Point-Eight-Million-Plus, Ratings Genius!” (Ths does suppose a level of self-awareness rather than self-absorption; who effin’ knows at this point?)

  • Domino

    He won’t ever drop this. Losing the popular vote (and by a notable margin) has gotten under his skin, and he will not let it go. 2 years from now he’ll mention it numerous times (I expect he’ll mention it at least once during his SOTU addresses). It will morph (people being bused across the border to vote in CA? He’ll probably try that, even though it insults the border agents).

  • Marlowe

    An “uncomfortable silence”? Apparently there were Democratic senators there. Did not one have the balls to ask Der Drumpfenfuhrer about his evidence, or suggest there was none? Ditto on calling one of their colleagues by a derogatory name. I’m not suggesting that the Dems go full Joe Wilson, but I hope they have some pushback planned if DF pushes this lying delusion before Congress.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      they should all just stare right at him while shaking their heads “no”

      or possibly laugh out loud as if to say “you silly fool”

      • N__B

        Laughing will bother him more than anything else. See the 2011 Correspondents’ Circle Jerk.

    • efgoldman

      An “uncomfortable silence”? Apparently there were Democratic senators there. Did not one have the balls to ask Der Drumpfenfuhrer about his evidence, or suggest there was none?

      There was, apparently, some pushback

      The president offered no evidence to support the claim. New Hampshire’s secretary of state, who is in charge of elections in the state, disputed the president’s claims, as did the state’s two US senators, and on Friday night a member of the Federal Election Commission called on Trump to release proof of his charge.

      Trump also said that illegal voting was part of the reason former senator Kelly Ayotte, a Republican, lost. An aide to Ayotte said that she does not believe she lost because of voter fraud.

      And some more

      A federal election commissioner is calling on President Trump to share evidence to corroborate his baseless claims of voter fraud in New Hampshire, calling the charges “extraordinarily serious and specific.” Trump made baseless claims during a Friday lunch that voter fraud prevented him and former N.H. senator Kelly Ayotte from winning their respective races in New Hampshire during the November election. Specifically, he suggested that out-of-state voters were bused into New Hampshire to cast their ballots for someone other than Trump and Ayotte. There is no evidence to back up that assertion. By Friday evening, Ellen L. Weintraub, a federal election commissioner, released a statement calling on him to “share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly.” Get Ground Game in your inbox: Daily updates and analysis on national politics from James Pindell. In the statement, Weintraub labelled Trump’s voter fraud allegation “astonishing,” before adding that such a scheme would constitute “thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law.” “The president has issued an extraordinarily serious and specific charge,” she said in the statement. “Allegations of this magnitude cannot be ignored.” I call upon @POTUS to immediately share NH voter-fraud evidence so that his allegations may be investigated promptly https://t.co/cyjUTMXptk pic.twitter.com/DAnsA1cB0n — Ellen L Weintraub

      • Marlowe

        This was not the point I was making. Plenty of debunking after the fact. But was there not one Democratic senator in the room at the time who had the spine to say one single word in that “uncomfortable silence”?

        • tsam

          I think I might have asked him what else the voices were telling him. Guess that’s why I’m not a senator.

          • efgoldman

            Guess that’s why I’m not a senator.

            Yes, that’s the only reason….

          • Colin Day

            Tsam 2018!

  • Jake the antisoshul soshulist

    The implications of the “Pocahontas” meme are that she is so unqualified that she had to use affirmative action, and that she has no character since she lied to get AA. It is ad hominem character assassination disguised as legitimate concern.

    • efgoldman

      It is ad hominem character assassination disguised as legitimate concern.

      Also a flat out lie (SURPRISE!!) See above

  • efgoldman

    Apparently the maladministration fired the state department protocol people, or didn’t fire them but never asked for a briefing, or asked for a briefing which went in one ear and out the other.
    Look at the expression on the Japanese Prime Minister’s face at the end of this clip (Politico, sorry)

    Tweets about the event (not linking)

    Josh Barro ‏@ jbarro 3m3 minutes ago
    Josh Barro Retweeted Donald J. Trump
    Oh my god, he doesn’t know the last name goes first
    —Donald J. Trump @ realDonaldTrump
    Heading to Joint Base Andrews on #MarineOne with Prime Minister Shinzō earlier today.

    Bashar ‏@ yashar 5h5 hours ago
    Per CNN’s @ KateBennett_DC – The WH broke protocol by not having Melania Trump/Mrs. Pence guide Mrs. Abe around
    Just keep this image in your mind, The First Lady of Japan was meandering around DC today. No one even had tea with her. A G20 nation.

    Richard M. Nixon ‏@ dick_nixon 2h2 hours ago
    Richard M. Nixon Retweeted Jill Colvin
    A sixty-year alliance and they are treated like the Goldberg anniversary party. ,
    —Jill Colvin @ colvinj
    The setting of Trump and Abe’s dinner tonight. Also joining the couple: Bob Kraft.

    • randy khan

      Protocol is not going to be this Administration’s strong suit.

      • sibusisodan

        But what is?

        • Hogan

          We know it won’t be suits.

          • N__B

            I doubt it’ll be the major arcana.

            • wjts

              I dunno. Things are looking pretty tower-y these days.

    • David Allan Poe

      What ordinary people see:

      Wow, that’s pretty rude.

      What Trump voters see:

      That’s right. Why do we have to put on our company clothes and be nice? They’re in our house, they can play by our rules. Fuck them Japs. If they want us to get their names right, they can put ’em in the right goddamn order. Besides, we kicked their asses in WWII.

    • ASV

      There’s not a chance Trump knows that the ō character exists, let alone how to type it, which the staff members that vetted or wrote the tweet also don’t know this very simple fact. Also too, they’ve never heard of “Japanese Prime Minister Abe” or “Abenomics.”

  • NewishLawyer

    What are the chances that Trump is just unhinged? Like in a dementia kind of way.

    • LosGatosCA

      What do you mean dementia?


      Ronald Reagan

    • Jordan

      Ehh, dementia usually goes in a different way than Trump has been doing. If he mounts a press conference where he says everyone should go to his Atlantic City casinos, that would be a red flag. Or if he said “its all good, my dad will built it all and amke america greats again”, thats a red flag.

      He isn’t doing either of those things and hasn’t shown any sign of doing so.

  • cleter

    He’s going to use this “election fraud” excuse as a reason to not accept the results in 2018 and 2020.

  • keta

    Never say Trump’s not a “leader.”

    Now he has his acolytes spouting the same nonsense when faced with voters’ disgust at their nefarious actions.

    This whole Trump administration is positively revealing, innit?

    • sigaba

      Even for Chaffetz that’s pretty offensive.

      • efgoldman

        Even for Chaffetz that’s pretty offensive.

        Insulting your constituents, even those who have never voted for you, is generally not a path to success.
        Of course there’s only one way to prove it – next year. I don’t think, unfortunately, the chances of success in that district, in that state, are so good.

  • urd

    Democracy has its faults, but I’m beginning to think it’s preferable to “letting a slave power anachronism and the director of the FBI pick the president”:

    Your obsession with the Comey matter will do you no good.

    Why don’t you take a look at this item to get a feeling for why the democrats, and this nation, are in this horrible position. By continuing to avoid the true issues the democrats face by pointing at Comey, you merely ensure nothing will change.


    • Jordan

      Hmm, interesting point.

      On the other hand, have you ever thought about delicious pancakes?

      • Ithaqua

        Why, yes, I had some just this morning in fact, with a rather excellent olallaberry jam.

      • efgoldman

        You know, crushed feral kitten makes a nice garnish.

    • Hogan

      OK, who ordered the Greenwald #5, light on the Israel? It sure as hell wasn’t me.

    • daves09

      I dunno, why wouldn’t linking to what has become a repub. false flag operation convince everyone?
      Fuck you, berniebro asshole.

      • urd

        become a repub. false flag operation

        Oh, so when he agreed with your view of the world he was okay, but now not so much. Interesting.

        Staying in your bubble is so much safer.

        No thanks. But please take your own advice.

        • Hogan

          Yeah, after you agree with someone you think is right, it’s partisan and blinkered and, wossname, tribal to disagree with him when you think he’s wrong.

        • efgoldman

          Take my advice, and make some feral cat soup. Yum, on a snowy, cold winter day

        • daves09

          By that logic Kristol, Podhoretz et. al. are still genuine voices of the left. Greenwald must be pissed that he’s not getting paid for shoveling coal on the neocon gravy train.

      • efgoldman

        Fuck you, berniebro asshole.

        Not even a real berniebot. Probably not even in the US. If he his, probably didn’t vote at all or voted for Tangerine Torquemada.

  • smott999

    Does anybody think Trump goes easily?
    Let’s suppose he gets so unhinged they go 25th on him and even GOP is so spooked they go for it.

    This guy would nuke the world before he steps down.
    Just like his voters who will drive the car off the cliff with THEM in it, so long as YOU are in it too.

    I think taking Trump out of office will be bloody and ugly. No way he goes just because some document says he should.

    • bender

      Most likely ways for Trump not to finish his term, in order of likelihood:

      1. Pulls a Sarah Palin.
      2.* Partially disabling stroke or heart attack, remains in office in ceremonial
      and tweeting capacity but delegates administration and decisions to Pence.
      3. Demands launch codes and is taken out by IC.
      4. Severely and publicly disabling stroke, public outcry forces 25th Amendment solution.
      5. Dies in office. (Low probability because of the quality of medical care available to him.)
      6. Assassinated by suicidal lone wolf.
      7. Impeached, tried and convicted.

      The fact that I’ve spent time working this out says something about me.

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