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The Collected Works

[ 26 ] November 23, 2016 |


On the web, Scott was an army unto himself. ┬áHere’s a non-exhaustive listing of his works:

Incidentally, we have taken steps to ensure that the Acephalous archives remain available for the foreseeable future.


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  1. MPAVictoria says:

    Good work here Robert. Thank you

  2. bspencer says:

    Me: Wow, you’re kind of awful

    2016: [Impish grin] I know, right?

    Me: No, really. You started by taking a roster of iconic artists from us, then you gave us Donald Trump. And you ended the year by taking SEK from us.

    2016: Gotta say, I even surprised myself at times. I guess you could say I really–

    Me: Don’t.

    2016: Grabbed everyone by the pussy.

    Me: God, you’re a fuckface.

  3. Barry Freed says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the old Acephelous blog template?

  4. medrawt says:

    Here should be a link to his writing at The Valve:

    I haven’t figured out, for some reason, how to produce the same for Edge of the American West.

  5. Gregor Sansa says:

    Why do you write like you’re running out of time?

  6. vic rattlehead says:

    Can we please get a do-over on 2016? Fuck this whole year.

    RIP SEK. I didn’t know you (he might’ve responded to one of my comments once which was cool) but I always learned something from your posts/AV Club columns. Truly one of the more astute film critics on the internet. I’m still not great at reading film but you helped me appreciate them on a different level.

    Nobdy expressed something that I’ve been thinking very eloquently in another SEK memorial post. No one deserves to go out of this world in a week like this, watching everything go to shit. Fuck that and fuck this world.

  7. (((Malaclypse))) says:

    Thank you all very much, particularly for rescuing Acephalous.

  8. Fighting Words says:

    Thank you for this.

  9. (((Hogan))) says:

    Within Acephalous there’s a (partial?) link compilation of his visual rhetoric posts.

    ETA: Preserving Acephalous may be the best thing LGM has ever done. Thanks.

  10. N__B says:

    Might I suggest adding an SEK section to the archive links on the right? We all know where this post is, but others might not find it.

    ETA: or maybe put it in his drop-down menu at the top.

  11. PJ says:

    Looking back on his visual rhetoric posts, what struck me is that he was quite a careful teacher.

    Anyway, I remembered this post too: “A list of people whose deaths I have permission to mourn.”

  12. Linnaeus says:

    One thing I always found interesting about the written word (or any other creative production, for that matter) is that it’s a part of someone that lives on long after they’ve departed this mortal life.

    So it is with SEK. Far, far too soon, but we are still the better for it.

  13. rhino says:

    Thank you for preserving acephalous. I am sure I was not the only commenter asking for this.

  14. Nepos says:

    The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long – and SEK burned so very, very brightly.

    Thanks to you, a reflection of that light remains, poor though it be compared to the source.

  15. efgoldman says:

    Found this in my email spam folder today. If I could write like SEK, it would probably make a great ironic post. I don’t, so we’ll just put it in the “weird coincidences” pile.

  16. Lodger says:

    Fair winds and full sails, Scott. We won’t do as well without you.

  17. econoclast says:

    He wrote for so many places I read that I honestly lost track of them all. For example, I forgot he wrote for AV Club too, until I saw his obituary there.

  18. Brian 13 says:

    Today was a strangely good day. I spent all of my free time re-reading, and reading for the first time, many wonderful posts by SEK. Some had me laughing so aloud, the other teachers were staring at me in the faculty dining room. Now the wife is telling me it’s time to go to bed. Just one more…Just one more…

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