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Opioid Tax?



The opioid epidemic is real and terrible. However, a tax on opioids, even if it claims to be paid by the manufacturer, will probably end up leading to higher costs to the people who actually need these drugs to function on a daily basis with chronic pain. That’s not to say that doctors don’t overprescribe them or that we have to take these drug epidemics seriously. But they aren’t like alcohol or tobacco, unless we want to make them over the counter. I’m not reading much into Hillary Clinton actually supporting Joe Manchin’s idea on this, especially given that it seems to have just been a conversation, but I hope she reconsiders it.

Sorry for forgetting the link. Here it is. I was getting this out quickly before going to my wife’s college reunion. Turns out she and Shakezula share the same alma mater, but Shakezula failed me by not attending, giving me no one to talk to (or more accurately, I just don’t like to talk to people I don’t know). A very sad story.

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