Thanks, of course, to Scott L. for getting the jump on this one.

My friends know that I have a certain attitude towards pop music: it needs to continually and frenetically push the boundaries, redefine itself, and never look back.

When i woke at 6am (GMT) to set up the morning coffee, I looked at my phone in order to figure out the time of the day. I saw the newsflash, and it didn’t register. I told my girlfriend that Bowie had died, but it still didn’t register. He just had a birthday two days ago, and on his birthday released his new (and final) record, which BBC Radio 6 had been previewing for the past couple weeks.  What 6 has played, it’s typical Bowie: awesome, and unlike anything he had done.

Bowie came close to capturing the ideal: never look back.

Lacking words, we will look back.  I’ll leave you with this, perhaps the best marriage of two outsized performers and artists.  And I’m old enough to have bought the 45 when it was released.

EDIT: read this, it’s better than anything I could possibly conjure up.

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  • shewasthenaz

    Lemmy and Bowie within a month of each other?!

    The Immortals are leaving…

    • Dave Brockington

      I know.

    • jim, some guy in iowa

      the Immortals are always leaving. we just carry their memories with us while we search for the new ones

  • KadeKo

    When scorning hippies was the in-thing, this song had a very non-hippie sound, yet reiterated how much un fun poverty was. At the time, Saint Ronnie was making a slice of Americans feel good about The Great Depression.

    My wife is an LCSW. Whenever she gets the ‘tude she’ll remind those who need it of the excess drinking, domestic abuse, family abandonment, and literal starvation that spiked then. She loves this song.

    “Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word,” indeed.

    • Dave Brockington

      ‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
      And love dares you to care for
      The people on the edge of the night
      And love dares you to change our way of
      Caring about ourselves
      This is our last dance
      This is our last dance
      This is ourselves’

      It chilled my spine when I bought the record as a 13 year-old, and those lines still do today.

  • Ahenobarbus

    This would have been my choice of vidoe, if limited to one.

    • petesh

      Great choice. But how cool was it to release Lazarus and leave?

  • Thirtyish

    Excuse me while I ball up in the fetal position and stay that way for at least a few days.

  • Keaaukane

    He’ll always be remembered at Family Guy

    as part of the gayest video of the ’80’s.

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  • hylen

    Live in Santa Monica ’72.

    Turn it up.

  • Since I’m in Detroit today I’ll be playing Panic in Detroit

  • Murc

    “Changes? I love that album!”

    “You are such a poser! Changes is a Best Of!”

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