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Wednesday Morning Linkage


To help start off your Wednesday right…



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  • ajay

    Non-UK readers will find nothing humorous at all in the name of the Air-Sea Battle Office (ASBO).

  • joe from Lowell

    Why do we need another long-range bomber? What’s wrong with the B-2?

    I thought those things were supposed to be like battleships, and serve for almost a century.

    • toberdog

      I’m not saying we need to spend billions on new bombers – but it’s my understanding that we only have a few B-2s and they’re so fragile you can’t even leave them out in the rain.

  • oldster

    “But will it have enough code?” I worried, “will the Zumwalt have enough code on board to meet any possible war-time contingency?”

    The answer? 6.7 million lines of code. Enough to meet even the direst war-time shortages of code. When enemy shells come streaking in, the Zumwalt’s sailors will never go wanting for lines of code.

    Yup. If more and more computer code is the secret to robust survivability, then I’d say the Zumwalt will be one tough ship.

    • Jay C

      IIJM, or does anyone else consider the fact that the Zumwalt, the Navy’s latest-and-greatest, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge-technology destroyer is completely computerized, requiring 6.7 million lines of code to be a cause for worry, rather than admiration?

      I’m sure there are some backups/failsafes in the ship’s systems, but I still can’t shake the image of the Zumwalt plowing along into combat, and then freezing up and coming to a halt because Seaman Hacker and couple of his buddies messed with the mainframe to get an edge up in Grand Theft Auto….

      • njorl

        I’m much more worried that the captain will get on the intercom and announce, “DIVE DIVE DIVE!”

  • The Pale Scot

    “Price of a single airframe is estimated to be as little as $550 million”

    A mere bag of shells.

    • Matt_L

      Now the bomber will be a complete swindle since both Lockheed and Boeing are cooperating. The aerospace industry is a total cartel. We couldn’t even get the Russians to make a fair bid on this thing.

  • Jon H

    “been the DDG-1000, and it’s actually turned out ok.”

    So does that mean we’re going to get more than 3?

    • Matt_L

      “it’s actually turned out ok.”

      so it is not a complete swindle?

  • drouse

    The duffelblog was great. It captured perfectly the Roberts court in that it came up with a earthshaking decision but not about the question before it.

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