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“The Cornhusker Team Rules, In Their Majestic Equality…”

[ 21 ] July 3, 2013 |

Give this to Tom Osborne — he was ecumenical:

The penultimate chapter in the book, “A Difficult Road to Walk,” is an in-depth exploration of Osborne’s Christianity — he notes that he never infringes on Sundays during the season, so his players can attend services, “Protestant, Catholic or Jewish”

Osborne was wasted in Congress; with that kind of mastery of empty formalism he should have been a Republican Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


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  1. Bill Murray says:

    yes, Ol’ Tom was great to anybody that could produce on Saturday

  2. Bitter Scribe says:

    Don’t Jewish people mostly hold services on Friday evening?

  3. brad says:

    I wonder if he ever had any Islamic players, and, if so, whether they feel better or worse for being left out of that sentiment.

  4. Alan Tomlinson says:

    “You can be any religion you want, as long as y’all bow yer heds when I talks ’bout Geezus.”


    Alan Tomlinson

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