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“The Cornhusker Team Rules, In Their Majestic Equality…”


Give this to Tom Osborne — he was ecumenical:

The penultimate chapter in the book, “A Difficult Road to Walk,” is an in-depth exploration of Osborne’s Christianity — he notes that he never infringes on Sundays during the season, so his players can attend services, “Protestant, Catholic or Jewish”

Osborne was wasted in Congress; with that kind of mastery of empty formalism he should have been a Republican Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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  • Bill Murray

    yes, Ol’ Tom was great to anybody that could produce on Saturday

  • Bitter Scribe

    Don’t Jewish people mostly hold services on Friday evening?

    • Bill Murray

      I think that’s central to Scott’s point

    • daveNYC

      Saturday morning has the Torah reading though. No problem getting a minyan on at the stadium at least.

      • efgoldman

        Do you think there are ten Jews in Nebraska?

        • Bill Murray

          there are estimated to be more than 6000 Jews in Nebraska, I would guess mostly in the Omaha area


          • rea

            And of course, the Nebraska football program does not recruit solely from the population of Nebraska.

            • efgoldman

              Actually, in Bob Devaney’s day, and the early Osborne era, they pretty much did. Those were the days when you could award some ridiculous number of scholarships (its now 85, but it used to be well over a hundred, maybe 150).

          • efgoldman

            I know its a slow holiday week, so why don’t you take some time to have yer sarcasm detector adjusted.

          • Josh

            I was one of the Jews in Nebraska during part of the time Osborne was coach. Our congregation wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t tiny either.

          • elm

            Omaha, yes, but Lincoln has a fair number as well. College town, and all.

    • catclub

      So this is why no Pro Football games on Friday nights or Saturdays (until after Hanukkah). I never knew.

      • efgoldman

        No, its because the NFL doesn’t want to stomp all over collitch f’bawl on the teevee.
        I don’t there’s ever been a formal agreement, but its been that way for l long, long time.
        (In the earliest days of the AFL, in the early 60s, they played some Friday night games, but the NFL wasn’t the juggernaut that it is now, and the BCS hadn’t been thought of.)

        • efgoldman

          …don’t think there’s….

        • Bill Murray

          that’s true for Saturday. Friday nights is high school football.

        • In theory the NFL’s antitrust exemption is predicated on not televising games on Friday night or Saturday during the college football season, but that’s pretty much unenforceable and the NFL abides just for the sake of PR/maintaining good will with the NCAA now.

    • elm

      Yeah, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown is the sabbath. For Reform Jews, the Friday night service is the most important; for Orthodox Jews, the Saturday morning one is most important (though truly Orthodox will do no work the entirety of the sabbath); for Conservative Jews, it depends on the individual or the congregation which is more important.

  • brad

    I wonder if he ever had any Islamic players, and, if so, whether they feel better or worse for being left out of that sentiment.

    • efgoldman

      Seventh-day Adventists, also too.

    • wjts

      Rev. Lovejoy: No Homer, God didn’t burn your house down, but he was working in the hearts of your friends be they Christian, Jew, or… miscellaneous.

      Apu: Hindu. There are seven hundred million of us.

      Rev. Lovejoy: Aww, that’s super.

  • Alan Tomlinson

    “You can be any religion you want, as long as y’all bow yer heds when I talks ’bout Geezus.”


    Alan Tomlinson

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