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Friday Night Linkage

[ 15 ] July 5, 2013 |

Some notes in brief…



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  1. Incontinentia Buttocks says:

    What a total, multi-decade scam missile defense has been (and will continue to be). It will never make us any safer, but it will continue to line the pockets of the few with our tax dollars.

  2. Murc says:

    It seems to me that, rather than getting into the carrier game, Japan could get the same results for far less money by allying with American war lobby groups in order to commit US forces to their side in any altercation with China.

    I mean, that’s pretty likely to happen anyway. But if cost is a genuine concern, outsourcing to us seems like it’s the best bang for the buck.

  3. ChrisTS says:

    I’m sorry that I clicked on “ugh.” Because it really was not much more than ugh.

  4. Witt says:

    Thanks for the Gettysburg link. I hadn’t seen those elsewhere. Pretty interesting.

  5. Jeffrey Beaumont says:

    The Marx link was funny. It is interesting when people who thought they knew what Marx was about suddenly realize he had lots of great ideas and sort of have an “ah-hah” moment.

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