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JMSDF in Action!


What a wonderful image of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense force in action!  

Note the sinking PLAN carrier Liaoning in the background.  Obviously there’s been some sort of dreadful accident– apparently near the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands– and the Hyuga is rendering desperately needed assistance to the Chinese ship. Those Ospreys are undoubtedly rescuing scores of Chinese crewmen.  I can only hope that the goodwill and generosity evident in this artwork helps serve as a bridge between the two great East Asian nations.

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  • wjts

    Can we say that the Liaoning will soon be far below Hyuga’s waters?

    We can’t? Oh, well.

    • benjoya

      that’s it, i’m leaving.

  • Sure to be a popular stocking-stuffer in Beijing this holiday season.

  • aoeu

    Good Luck with that . . .

  • russiannavyblog

    Obviously the Japanese triumph was due to expert high kicking and superior choreography.

    • anthrofred

      That was the worst production of Pirates of Penzance I’ve ever seen.

  • jon

    Sending in an aircraft carrier: the biggest humanitarian gesture you can make.

  • jon

    So, what are those two other fires? The rest of China’s capital fleet? How careless.

    • BigHank53

      A horrible valet-parking incident. Pro-tip: never believe the guy in the little red vest when he assures you he’s parked lots of aircraft carriers.

      • nixnutz

        I think it might be genuinely too soon to joke about Chinese parking accidents.

        • BigHank53

          Was unaware of horrific parking-garage incident, in all honesty. Corrected with Google: yuck. Apologies freely offered.

    • Immanuel Kant

      To lose one capital ship may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose all of them begins to look like carelessness.

  • Setven

    is this blgo post lam poonign SEk ??

    • Halloween Jack

      Go home, Dad, you’re drunk.

  • Domino

    How recent of an image is this?

    • Warren Terra

      July 2013 release

      (I don’t know anything about the vendor, which I’ll note has a fairly risible name, they had the most Google juice for the search terms I used).

      • “July 2013 release”

        Good god, it’s from the future? Shit just got real.

        • anthrofred

          It’s a coded message warning of an impending attack on Chinese forces, coordinated by the Illuminati and the JMSDF. Someone get Alex Jones!

        • jim, some guy in iowa

          I think we should all be grateful it isn’t *December* 2013

          • ajay

            Second time around, they learn the lesson: hit the carriers first.

        • Philadelphia Experiment?

  • rea

    To sort of equalize things, note that the same model company apparently sells its model of the IJN heavy cruiser Maya with, as a special extra bonus, an accompanying model of USS Dace, the submarine that sank her . . .


    • anthrofred

      I hope the new model comes with a label warning consumers that the burning hulk of a Chinese carrier is not, in fact, included.

    • Derelict

      Toss in a model of Darter and Takao and we’re ready to recreate the entire battle on the coffee table!

  • Hogan

    Those Ospreys are undoubtedly rescuing scores of Chinese crewmen.

    Those guys are totally screwed.

    • Robert Farley


  • Keaaukane

    What is that delta wing aircraft that is undoubtedly helping with the rescue? Do the Japanese use Mirages?

    • wjts

      Best guess is a Chinese Chengdu J-10.

      • Keaaukane

        Good call.

  • Peter Hovde

    Now that’s what I call a Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere!

  • Bob

    At first I thought that was a reasonably subtle picture. Then I noticed it is named operation Senkaku. The Japanese name for the Diaoyu islands.

    • blowback

      I wonder if the same company produced models of the Type 95 Ha-Go before Japan’s great victory at Nomonhan?

  • Nigel Holmes

    Not very subtle at all. I take it this is someone’s little joke. The same product on the Japanese Amazon here shows the picture without the Ospreys or burning ships or reference to Senkaku. Hope the link works.

    • Nigel Holmes

      No it doesn’t. I evidently have a terrible eye for visual similarities.

  • MacK

    Interestingly the fighters in the background look like Eurofighter Typhoon’s with Japanese markings, or maybe a Saab Gripen – but not any US designed equipment

    • MacK

      or just maybe a Dassault Rafale – but it is not a F35a

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