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Google Reader Terminal?

[ 43 ] March 13, 2013 |


Google has announced that Google Reader, its RSS aggregation system, will be turned off on July 1st. Citing years of declining usage, Reader is one of several victims of the advertising giant’s periodic “spring cleaning.”

The Reader RSS platform had a popular Web front-end, and was also used to provide behind-the-scenes support for a wide range of RSS clients.

Current users of Reader will be able to export their list of feeds up until the cut-off date using Google’s Takeout facility.

This will amount to a significant life change, and not in a positive direction. I suppose that the writing was on the wall when Google shifted all sharing to G+, which functionally reduced the value of sharing to virtually nil. A terrible decision.


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  1. Bruce Baugh says:

    Friends told me to check out Feedly, which turns out to have a plan for this contingency. I’m happy to recommend them – neat stuff.

  2. José Arcadio Buendía says:

    Al carajo with Google. WTF?!

  3. Hael says:

    Unlurking briefly to say:
    I used Google Reader for a while and really liked it. A while ago I started using feedly which let me connect my google reader account but I’m not sure if that means it took over all my google reader feeds or just connected to them.

    They had this announcement today which I guess is saying I won’t notice anything.

    The only real complaint I have with feedly is there seems to be a memory leak for me with Chrome where if I leave it in an open tab and keep clicking on links to blogs like here it seems to use more and more memory and all my tabs get really slow. Then if I open Chrome’s task manager the feedly tab sometimes is using more than 1GB RAM.

    If I close the feedly tab (and tabs I opened from it that get clumped together with it in the task manager) then everything’s back to normal and I can reopen those tabs without problem. It sounds kind of serious but it’s only recently started annoying me enough to look into it and I haven’t found many other people with the same issue.

    Also for some reason I’ve always felt that by using RSS I was somewhat odd. I can’t think of anyone else I know that uses any kind of feed. I guess Twitter and Facebook fills this role for a lot of people?

  4. Ronan says:

    What is google reader out of curiosity (wikis no real help)..does it mean every rss feed i have will stop working?

  5. Matt Stevens says:

    Huh. I switched from Firefox to Chrome partly because of Google Reader integration. If they kill Reader I may return to Firefox.

  6. I actually liked the G+ sharing thing. But obviously sad to see it go. I don’t understand why they didn’t try to make a real product out of it.

    • tonycpsu says:

      I’d certainly pay a non-trivial amount to keep my reader account, and I’m sure a lot of other people would. Syncing of starred articles across all platforms, integration with so many different RSS readers… This is a major mistake.

  7. snarkout says:

    Friends have recommended The Old Reader, which is currently getting smashed by traffic as everyone migrates.

  8. J.W. Hamner says:

    It’s the second tab I open after Gmail whenever I fire up a browser… I like it a lot, but as long as I can migrate to a service that syncs between devices I don’t see it as being a big deal. How hard can it be to develop a usable RSS reader?*

    *Yes, I know, famous last words.

  9. Pinko Punko says:

    I have a feeling that someone will kill RSS completely- it circumvents too many ads, or website bloat.

    Very depressing.

    • J.W. Hamner says:

      I’m worried about it dying too, since even with ads in Reader itself, Google apparently didn’t find it profitable. I use it mainly for aggregating non-professional blogs who don’t require a click through… but even if every blog I followed required a click I’d still find it useful for aggregating blog posts from places that don’t update frequently.

    • Greg says:

      That hasn’t been my experience. Relatively few of the feeds I read have the entire article in the feed. Most of them just have headlines, and you click the link to go to the site. It’s great so I don’t have to check every blog I read obsessively to see if there’s new posts, I can look in my google reader feed.

  10. tonycpsu says:

    1. Drive competing services out of business with a free service (subsidized by a profitable product).
    2. Cancel free service.
    3. ???

    (John Siracusa, via Yglesias.)

  11. Lars says:


    I hate this decision.

    So far “The Old Reader” looks like one alternative. Any others?

    • Stacy says:

      As Marijane said a few posts up,
      I like – it has a web app and a phone app, and except for now when they are being crushed by the load is reliable.

  12. wengler says:

    I never used it, but I can see why people are angry about it shutting down. This is your punishment for not using Google+ and shunning Google Wave.

    • NonyNony says:

      But I do use Google+ and I honestly tried to use Google Wave.

      Or at least I tried to figure out what the hell Google Wave was supposed to be good for. That counts, right?

      • Robert Farley says:

        Oh, Google Wave…. every now and then there’s been some conversation or project where I say “Google Wave woulda been useful here.” But those moments don’t come all that often.

  13. I use SeaMonkey, it integrates with Firefox, and updates somewhat frequently, like this morning(which always takes about 3 minutes, tops).

    • nixnutz says:

      I am interested but all that link accomplished was to make me angry at “” without learning anything at all about the subject.

      Was that your intent?

  14. Daragh McDowell says:

    Literally the most frequently used App on my phone. In fact, how I keep abreast of this site. Boo.

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