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Tuesday Linkage

[ 8 ] February 26, 2013 |

Cleaning out the ol’ Google Reader…


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  1. Uncle Kvetch says:

    “We like being #1, and we’re going to stay there just as long as we can.”

    Is there really anyone out there naive enough to think that this isn’t the fundamental basis of US foreign policy? Really?

  2. The focus on the (supposed) scariness of drones is a function of the weakness of the argument against the war against al Qaeda.

    During the Iraq War, opponents didn’t feel the need to go on and on and on about the M1A1 tank. During the Vietnam War, protesters didn’t single out the scary shape of the M-16. They seemed quite confident in the strength of their argument against the actual policies. They doesn’t seem to be the case this time, and it’s not hard to understand why.

    In fact, I can remember when the people talking about “the drone wars” used to write columns about how stupid it is to discuss a “War on Terror,” because describing a war in terms of the tactics and weapons used, instead of who was actually fighting whom, over what, was intellectually sloppy, and a deliberate effort to confuse unlike things. Such people were right the first time.

    Of course, whenever you point out the weird obsession with pilotless aircraft, they deny that such a thing even exists – immediately before going right back to a “Droney” cartoon or writing a blog post about how disturbing it is to sell toy Reapers.

  3. Shakezula says:

    Did I hallucinate a post re: the sad fate of law schools signed by multiple law proofs? Or did my comments break the thing?

  4. Morbo says:

    Dissent in 2013: Subversively Reviewing Predator Drones on

    Welp, nice knowing you, dissent; you had a good run.

  5. Murc says:

    Japan continues to grow more militarily assertive.

    About fucking time.

    They’re the second largest economy in the world and they’re right next door to China and North Korea. The Second World War ended nearly seventy years ago. While I am pleased by our ongoing highly amicable partnership with the Japanese, it’s about time they started pulling their weight on the world stage rather than outsourcing their national defense to us.

  6. merl says:

    The “Gun Doctor” makes me miss the days of Battleship Blogging.

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