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John Roberts’ summer vacation


Debts that can’t be repaid won’t be.”

Michael Hudson

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  • John Protevi

    “Ignorance of the loan is no excuse” is not bad at all, sir, not bad at all.

  • Joe

    rm2gro makes some good points in comments

    Overall, for a few thousand dollars, our system of law is being promoted world-wide. A sort of soft power. Likewise, “student-loan funded vacations” is a bit cynical. Others might suggest that it is a GOOD thing to broaden a vision by travel. Travel to Europe was and still is a big thing for college students these days. They are not even simply ‘traipsing’ here — they actually are learning something. They also aren’t being FORCED to spend their money this way. Finally, I think Roberts don’t need the $15K. It is an incentive again to promote American law.

    • William Burns

      If Roberts doesn’t need the fifteen grand, can I have it?

      • Joe

        no. It’s mine.

  • Ken

    What about non-dischargable debts, like student loans to go to law school? If they can’t be repaid, will they?

  • Just Dropping By

    Eh, in my experience the law students who go to summer study programs overseas are the ones whose parents are paying tuition. If you’re borrowing a significant fraction of your tuition, you’re trying to get summer clerkships or other, hopefully paying, positions during that time.

    • john

      My experience was that the kids going on trips where the ones who couldn’t find real work at home. The idea was it looked better to at least study abroad over the summer rather than do some non-legal job to pay the bills.

  • BW

    Let’s not forget that Roberts has routinely gone to Congress begging for higher pay for the federal judiciary at least in part because of grumbling that “it’s almost impossible to educate your family on that kind of money.” At the time all federal judges were making at least $165k I believe.

    So it’s hardly surprising that the guy has a warped (or incredibly cynical) view of the US labor market in general, not just the legal labor market.

  • hey, i had professor lazarus for environmental law years ago! i had no idea he was doing junkets with the chief justice.

  • David Nieporent

    “with very few exceptions, I know nothing about the formal legal material that I haven’t gleaned from reading the casebook and the teaching manual. This is how much preparation I’m doing this summer for the classes I’ll teach this coming academic year: None.”

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