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Apologies for so many of these; wrapping up the book (again), article proofs, consulting work, etc. But you remain my Nth love…

If all goes well, SEK and I will record the inaugural LGM podcast tonight, for publication sometime next week.  If all goes well…

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  1. Njorl:

    I’m assuming the Worf show will be the first Star Trek sitcom.

  2. bexley:

    Hopefully called Red Worf.

  3. Ken Houghton:

    Njorl – Nah, they already had TNG. (Even if you’re ignoring TAS.)

    Napoli’s probably “only” has one of those “if this goes wrong, it will go really wrong” issues. It’s a good bet for both sides, but I hope he has good insurance. (Poor man may only make in a year what most of us won’t make in all our working years combined.)

  4. Malaclypse:

    Assume you know Red Dwarf is back in production? Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for breakfast!

  5. bexley:

    Yep – I live in the UK. Back to Earth and Series X were reasonably heavily advertised on Dave.

  6. c u n d gulag:

    Yes, it’s too bad the poor guy signed this deal now, after the taxes have been increased.

    Maybe the WSJ needs to add to it’s representative cartoon of a few days back, and add another category:
    Professional Athlete – Salaray $5,000,000.
    Potential Bonus – $X,000,000.
    Investments – $X,000,000.
    Taxes before – $X00,000.
    Taxes now – $X50,000.

  7. Linnaeus:

    Napoli’s a catcher, no (at least during much of his career)? I would think hip problems would be common among catchers, like knee problems.

  8. Malaclypse:

    I’m jealous.

  9. Charlie Sweatpants:

    It is a testament to the budgetary foolishness and bureaucratic inertia of the DoD that the Navy doesn’t get the lion’s share of the defense budget. You’d be hard pressed to argue that any other branch, even if you exclude the Marines, does more to keep the US safe and prosperous.

    The Worf article looks like the earliest of trial balloons, but a show with Dorn as the captain, a few other castoffs from TNG and DS9, plus some new characters could easily be the best Trek show in a long time. Low bar, sure, but still.

  10. Paul:

    As soon as the Navy admits the LCS is a huge blunder – and builds a US version of Sa’ar 5 corvette, revives the Pegasus-class hydrofoils and sticks with dedicated anti-mine ships I will believe they deserve the lion’s share of the budget.

  11. Doug:

    Make sure SEK checks first that his office is clear.

  12. Wendell:

    Neither the Pegasus nor the Sa’ar 5 have the endurance necessary for a US Navy ship. Indeed, it’s the need to carry fuel and supplies that drove up the size of LCS to the point where the whole concept became unworkable. Of course, they then went and built them anyway…

  13. Linnaeus:

    Indeed, it’s the need to carry fuel and supplies that drove up the size of LCS to the point where the whole concept became unworkable. Of course, they then went and built them anyway…

    Is this why the LCS is a blunder? I confess I haven’t been keeping up on this as much as would like.

    Would continued use of frigates be better?

  14. c u n d gulag:

    If I remember right, they’ve brought him in to do some catching, but also play some 1st.

  15. Halloween Jack:

    That Darn Worf!

  16. LeeEsq:

    Is there anything really new about the deification of Hugo Chavez? Hagiography of admired figures has long been a problem for both the Far Left and Far Right. Its one of the few things they have in common. Rights deify anybody seen as anti-Communist even if they are oppressive dictators like Pinochet and Franco.

    The Far Left idolizes anybody seen as revolutionary, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist regardless of any flaw. Chaze, Che, Castro, Mao, and a host of others had this role at one time or another after WWII ended.

  17. Malaclypse:

    Well, mainstream Republicans – not the far Right, but the mainstream Right – not only liked Pinochet, they actively ran a fucking coup to put him in power. And that isn’t a past thing – they still idolize Pinochet.

    Find me one leftist with higher office than dogcatcher who openly admires any of the Leftists on your list.

    So, I’m calling bullshit on the equivalence.

  18. ploeg:

    I want a talk show.

  19. CJColucci:

    I hear that the real Joe Biden gets a big kick out of the ongoing Onion portrayals, so he’ll probably like the book. Too bad it’s an e-book, or I could try to get him to autograph a copy.
    It turns out that former Transportation Secretary Claude Brinegar got a big kick out of the National Lampoon comic book portraying his scheme to rise to the Presidency (at the time, Transportation was the least-senior Cabinet position) by bumping off or disqualifying those ahead of himk in the line of succession.

  20. The Pale Scot:

    What the US could use is a debate on why it needs to spend as much as the rest of the world combined on security (for who?). Currently we are paying massive costs for an empire we the citizens and taxpayers get little benefit from. Do we get preferred access to Saudi oil at a discounted rate? Do we get exclusive access to Japanese, Korean, or Israeli markets? Do we get preferred pricing on imported strategic minerals? These are the historical reasons for building empires. Instead, we get the honor of being disliked to hated for our involvement in regional politics. The intent is to maintain a banking system that maintains the dollar as THE global reserve currency (google the petrodollar system), with the benefits being collected by formerly American now multi-national corporations.

    (Exxo ceo Lee Raymond “I’m not a U.S. company” “So they really see themselves as a global entity, sovereign and organized on behalf of their shareholders without reference to the government of the country where they happened to be headquartered.”)

    For 75 years America has been the Arsenal of Democracy. We carried a the costs of a huge defensive effort against the soviets, basically outspending them ’till they went bankrupt. We sucked our easy to get to oil fields dry. Now we’re suppose to be the market of last resort for the whole world. In the current financial crisis every country’s plan is to export more. To who? Guess. Why is up to the US keep sea lanes open so China can import our manufacturing base? Oil is a fungible commodity, the OPEC countries have to export it or collapse, and apparently no matter who protects it on its way to the market place, it gets sold to the highest bidder, so are we paying for that security.

    Granted, there can be a case made that a wave of instability could happen if the US refused its current role as the Corporate Global Enforcer. The East India Company had a military too, but it was payed for out the company’s coffers. If we are required to be the CGE, the there needs to be compensation. Charge the Saudis and the Israelis 200 and 50 billion apiece per year for maintaining a ME environment that they can survive in, Korea 100 billion for keeping the starving NK zombies at bay while they invest in their manufacturing infrastructure Charge a “global security tariff” on all imports into the US. Allow only US flagged vessels into our ports. That would help the whole terrorists sneaking nukes into a port problem too.

    This all just one question. What are we getting for spending more than the entire world combined for our security and global force projection?

    Add: to emphasize just what our sacrifices are buying, the cost of the Afghanistan war so far is 2011 killed, thousands injured by horrible blast affects, and an estimated 1.2 trillion dollars. The estimated yearly budget needed to provide Afghanistan with a native security force capable of maintaining a western style nation/state is multiple times larger than the Afghan GNP. Can help but think there were better ways to convince the Taliban not to get involved with Saudi terrorists.

    And the Taliban aren’t going anywhere.

    “What I learned is that Afghanistan is one big vicious cycle composed of smaller cycles. The three most dooming feedback loops are the violence cycle, the Pakistan/Taliban cycle and the opium/corruption cycle. Combined, these dynamics make it impossible for anyone to pacify and develop Afghanistan.”

    Ejecting from Afghanistan

  21. The Pale Scot:

    Sorry, total thumbs meltdown. Meant to say I posted that at DOD and wanted to what ya’ll thought

  22. The Pale Scot:

    You’re welcome to delete the Anonymous post Robert.

  23. joe from Lowell:

    The Republicans caved on the debt ceiling.

    Because of all of that leverage Obama gave up in the fiscal cliff deal, I guess.


  24. joe from Lowell:

    I expect instead that his willingness to bargain away his strongest leverage, and the central theme of his reelection, will make the next rounds harder, and embolden Republicans further.

    This is only a win if they don’t reappear during the debt ceiling negotiations

    Awesome comment threads.

  25. DrDick:

    Don’t know if you saw this, as it is a bit out of your focus. West Point’s counterterrorism think tank has a new report out identifying domestic rightwing extremists as the biggest terrorist threats. Expect a full metal shitstorm from the rightwing on this.

  26. Robert Farley:


  27. Njorl:

    That would be a Mirina Sirtis project. Episode one could deal with Kirk’s abandoned half-human bastards.

    How about something like Oz set on a Federation prison planet called Ryker’s Island. Kirk’s offspring could figure in this one too.

  28. Malaclypse:

    Clearly, West Point hates America, and the troops.

  29. Njorl:

    He has not had a recurrence of that event since he removed “SEK’s Office”* from his door.

    *Joke stolen from unremembered source.

  30. Doug:

    “Too bad it’s an e-book, or I could try to get him to autograph a copy.”

    Do it anyway and pitch *that* story to The Onion.

  31. Warren Terra:

    Didn’t Dorn already play that rather flat character thoroughly woodenly in two different Star Trek shows for about fifteen years? Has he discovered hitherto unperceived depths since then?

  32. LeeEsq:

    Meh, in this case we are talking about rank and file. I really don’t care that Chavez’s fan club doesn’t hold elected office. They still should know better.

  33. Malaclypse:

    90% or so are below the age of 25. I didn’t know better about a shitload of stuff back then.

  34. wengler:

    This comment isn’t going to go down well at my weekly Mao fan club meeting.

  35. RedSquareBear:

    Interesting (if depressing). I’ll have something to read this weekend!

  36. Murc:

    The Worf article looks like the earliest of trial balloons, but a show with Dorn as the captain, a few other castoffs from TNG and DS9, plus some new characters could easily be the best Trek show in a long time. Low bar, sure, but still.

    Lower than you know. DS9, the last decent Trek show, premiered twenty years ago.

  37. Murc:

    Instead, we get the honor of being disliked to hated for our involvement in regional politics.

    Don’t the Koreans, Japanese, and Germans actually really like us and want us to stay?

  38. Murc:

    DS9 Worf is an entirely different beast than TNG Worf.

    Also, shut your nerd hole, DS9 Worf was awesome. He was the second funniest person on that entire station (the funniest, of course, being Rene Auberjonois) and is more than capable of anchoring a series if backed up by a strong ensemble and good writing.

  39. Murc:

    In my defense, overestimating GOP intransigence is a bet you can very rarely go wrong on.

    And this is less a ‘cave’ than it is a ‘kick the can down the road’ maneuver. Three months? They clearly just want to keep kicking it until they think they can get away with hostage taking.

    Still, better than nothing, assuming it pans out. And it could boomerang deliciously; Senate members tend to be well-heeled. House members, by contrast, are often cash-strapped; they have to maintain two residences (and usually their families have expectations of a comfortable upper middle class lifestyle) and do a lot of traveling.

    The Senate Dems can simply pass a budget they know will never, ever pass the House and then kick back and watch the show.

  40. The Pale Scot:

    i guess you missed the whole spending billions for no advantage to OUR (the USA) circumstances.

    I’m sure that if I was a Korean, Japanese or Germans politician I’d be ecstatic that a friendly foreign country payed the freight for their own defense, and contributed billions to the local economy.

    No offense, but that was a stupid question that ignored what I said.

  41. The Pale Scot:

    Also, as far as I know the USA doesn’t involve itself in the politics of Korea, Japan or Germany. Unlike say, Iran in 1953, Argentina 1965-1983, Portugal in 1976 etc.

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