Last night’s victory was bittersweet for two reasons. It was hard to shake the sense that even a 12-1 season with a Fiesta Bowl victory was a disappointment, especially given how close the Ducks came to playing in the National Championship Game.  It was also tough because everyone seems to believe that the Fiesta Bowl will be Chip Kelly’s last game as head coach of the Ducks:

Oregon coach Chip Kelly won’t have much time to rest after the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

On Friday, Kelly has an interview scheduled with the Buffalo Bills for their coaching vacancy. The interview will take place in Arizona, a day after the Ducks defeated Kansas State 35-17 in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, a league source confirmed to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

The Cleveland Browns will also interview Kelly on Friday, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Thursday.

46-7, 4 BCS bowl appearances, 3 Pac-10/12 titles, and a one point safety; chalk one up for the meritocracy.

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  1. anon:

    $3.5M salary. Deserved?

  2. rea:

    Chip won the Tostitos Bowl? Right . . .

  3. peorgietirebiter:

    Not much of a scoop given the size of the live audience. The one point safety was news to me. I thought the a blocked ball on a p.a.t. was dead upon touching the ground. I was wrong.

  4. tonycpsu:

    That’s the case in the NFL. It’s annoying that the college/pro games have slightly different rules.

  5. Western Dave:

    He’s also interviewing for the Eagles job.

  6. Erik Loomis:

    Only a genius like Chip Kelly could draw up that 1 point safety.

  7. Decrease Mather:

    Chip could also have won the Idaho Potato Bowl or perhaps even the Las Vegas bowl.

  8. Steve S.:

    I wish him well but the program that worked at Oregon won’t translate to the NFL, so he’s going to have to prove himself adaptable.

  9. Chet Manly:

    It’s deserved if you’re talking market value for Kelly specifically rather whether the market should be that high for coaches in general.

    Nebraska’s paying Bo Pelini a quarter million more than Kelly and in return getting a coach that provides significantly poorer results with more resources to work with.

  10. RhZ:

    Only a fool would take the Browns job. I know, I am from CLE.

  11. Murc:

    I didn’t even know it was possible to get a one-point safety until now.

  12. MacGyver:

    I thought you were going to say it was bittersweet because of Kelly’s mixed legacy and the possible upcoming NCAA violations:

  13. southend:

    A grown man who goes by “Chip?” Not as stupid as “Tiger”, but still…

  14. James E. Powell:

    Chip Kelly will likely make the NFL more interesting whether he succeeds or fails. That’s a good thing.

    Or is it just like when your favorite local band goes big time and you can’t see them in a bar anymore?

  15. big bad wolf:

    damn straight. i’m 51 and i never heard of a one-point safety before last night. chip is a genius

  16. big bad wolf:

    i may just be old. it may be why i don’t care if we have a “championship” game. but damn, the ducks win 11 0r 12 games and we (including me) feel a little disappointed. this is crazy. the ducks i knew in my time there delighted us if they went 4-7 or 5-6. i damn near died and went to heaven when they went to the independence bowl, after they made the top 25, which is really the top 20, but hell whatever gets us in. it’s only a game, and we are way, way ahead.

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